Sunday, December 10, 2017

Teens earn free book by reading and reviewing three

Here’s an offer that appeals to me as a reader and reviewer of books. At Rincon Valley Library, teens can read three books, write three thoughtful reviews of the books, and select one free book as a prize for every three books they read and review.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter-theme in SRCSA library

View of bookshelves and counters in library. White holiday lights are strung across ceiling, and pieces of paper are arranged on tall spindles, graded from larger sheets at base, to smaller at-top to suggest snow-covered trees. Winter holiday themed books are displayed on counter-top.

These winter-themed decorations at SRCSA Library really capture the beauty of the season; they’re the work of Library Technician Shannon Williams. SRCSA parents, maybe you’ll see them for yourselves if you attend “Coffee with the Principal” at 8:15 a.m. today.

SCL: Resiliency book list for teens

“During these times, when it seems like our reality can’t possibly get any worse... it can be incredibly helpful to reach for examples of resilience, survival, strength, and courage.” On the Sonoma County Library blog, Rincon Valley Library teen librarian Lara Mayelian has created a Natural Disasters and Resiliency book list for teens.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

4,000 items cataloged in SRCSA resource inventory

Stack of books, only the top book's cover visible, atop a sheet of barcode labels with a school address stamp and stamp pad next to them. The top book's title identifies it as 'The Sign of the Beaver' by Elizabeth George Speare. The image on the cover depicts the dark outline of a large creature rearing up on its hind legs against a yellow background

Since May 2017, when I started working for Santa Rosa City Schools, I’ve created listings in the district’s resource-inventory catalog for more than than 4,000 items at Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts (SRCSA). That’s according to a “Resource Inventory Change Analysis” generated by Follett Destiny’s “Resource Manager.”

Online access aided by public library

First weekend in a new apartment in Santa Rosa, Calif., and freelance work as an editor brings me to Sonoma County Library. I often make use of print and digital resources (including books, eBooks, DVDs and audio recordings) but today finds me making use of access to the Internet. I’ve long celebrated the role of libraries to bridge the “digital divide” between people who do, and who do not, have reliable access to the Internet, so SCL especially deserves a “shout-out” today as I rely on it in that capacity.